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Busting Out: All About Boobies!

Breasts: not everyone has them, not everyone is attracted to them, not everyone has used them as a source of nourishment. But for those who do/are/have, they tend to have a pretty big impact on life.

For women, the size of one’s breasts can determine the way you are treated by others and they way you feel about yourself. ┬áThe size of breasts can mean the difference between simply wearing a shirt and looking “slutty.” There are aesthetic and functional concerns related to breast ownership can be of virtually no consequence or fill one’s waking thoughts. Here are a few thoughts on boobies, knockers, tas, chi chis, etc.

On having big breasts:

On having small breasts:

On having man boobs:

Thinking about getting implants?

On surviving breast cancer:

How to examine your breasts:

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