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Did You Hear About the Girl Who…. :Podcast with Dr. Elissa Henken Pt I

Urban legends, rumors, gossip, jokes and folklore: they are part of our every day conversations and they shape the way we view almost everything. Have you ever stopped doing something (or started) because you heard about something terrible that happened to some girl that was a friend of friend?

Have you ever heard about the various objects and foods women have used to masturbate and the horrifying results?

Did you hear about the girl who went tanning every day at a bunch of different salons so she would have a nice tan for her friend’s wedding… and it fried her insides?

Have you heard about the guy who knocked on the door when a woman was getting naked to take a shower? She asked who was there, and he replied,  “blind man.” She assumed he was asking for charity, and didn’t bother to put on a robe. When she opens the door stark naked, there’s a guy who is very able to see who is trying to sell her window blinds.

Have you heard about Richard Gere and the gerbil?

Well, prepare to hear way more tales. This podcast is so awesome. Dr. Elissa Henken, co-author of Did You Hear About the Girl Who…? Contemporary Legends, Folklore and Human Sexuality, joins for an awesome conversation about all your favorite stories, plus ones you’ve never heard. She teaches folklore at the University of Georgia and her co-author (and sister) Dr. Mariamne Whatley is at the University of Wisconsin and she specializes in health education.

We discuss what these legends mean, where they come from, what they teach young people about sexuality and most importantly, how we can use this folklore to be better educators in sexual health.

Listen to the interview here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and hear all the podcasts first!

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