Friday Sex News!!!

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Oh snap. Are homophobes right? Could homosexuality really be the end of a species?

Whoops! An American Idol contestant number is actually a phone sex line.

A cute sticker about condom refunds.

Think I make questions up? Well, if they didn’t ask me, they’d ask the random idiots on Yahoo Answers:

Sex toys: now available at Walgreens

Are you asexual? It looks like you can go ahead and skip to the last question.

Great guide on how to get free porn online

Ouch! DIY fucking machine injures woman

Because sex education is rarely sexy and erotica is rarely safe

FDA approves a new female condom

House bill 300 in PA to ban LGBT discrimination

Fanfiction secrets– from the world of people sexually obsessed with TV and movie characters. FYI: to ship is to endorse relationship, slash: homosexual leanings

Bristol Palin and her baby daddy broke up some time ago

Iron chef star and her wife are both pregnant at the same time

Questions? Comments? Violent Reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com

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