Friday Sex Links!

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This just in: Vermont OKs gay marriage and Iowa strikes down gay marriage ban

The next thing in TV: fat dating show

I’m incredibly torn about this site mocking trashy teen parents

Patients are turning to abortions, vasectomies due to economic crisis

Steve Harvey’s surprisingly good dating advice to women

Lesbian named Chief Judge of US Claims court

Bruno, the forthcoming movie by Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen gets NC17 rating

I don’t know if this is real, but allegedly it’s a Chinese sperm bank

Waking Vixen’s blog on sex worker rights

The celiac’s dilemma: is there gluten in semen?

A decent intro to first-time sex with a new partner, for men

New HIV infections still high among gay men

Good news: long-term romantic love is possible

Portugese bishop disagrees with pope on condoms

Connecticut school bans physical contact

Google Street View catches a cheater, images to be used in divorce court

True stories from gay people all over

Calling Regkam: why there’s no AIDS vaccine

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