Friday Sex Links!

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Sperm bank sued under product liability law by girl with genetic disorder

Stupid law proposed to make depiction of disabled sex illegal

Unsurprising news: sex is good for you in a whole ton of ways

How abortion changed the world

Confirming my personal prejudice: children not only do not make people happier, they are associated with lower levels of happiness than living without kids

75 year old porn star wants to inspire elderly

NY governor to introduce bill to legalize gay marriage

Interesting condom ad implying that it might help you prevent the next Hitler, another appeals to materialistic gays and while we’re at it: brilliant sex toy store ad

After a massive backlash from online communities, Amazon says error caused GLBT book de-rankings

Academic Eve Sedgwick dies, as does porn icon Marilyn Chambers

In a move bound to bring both cheers and jeers, Charlize Theron compares gay marriage struggle to apartheid in her native South Africa

Jenna Jameson claims 500 sit-ups a day made giving birth to twins easy and quick

Mel Gibson’s divorce might bring largest divorce settlement ever for a famous person

Prostate cancer vaccine shows promise

Inbreeding, from genetic perspective

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