Friday Sex Links!

8 year old Nebraska transgirl living publicly, but not allowed in Catholic school

66 year old divorcee pregnant via IVF

Fathers getting involved in sexually active teenager’s lives correlates with more responsibility

I know you were waiting for this: the Octomom porno; speaking of porn, this porn star’s bid to set a world oral sex record fell flat when she was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulties. But a Las Vegas bikini parade, led by Holly Madison, sets new world record

Awwww…..a romantic street fighter proposition

Half of Latinas pregnant by 20

China’s first sex theme park going to be demolished before it even gets to open

A map of the lands of human sexuality

Super creepy art project about extreme thinness among models and the pro-anorexia movement

New bra detects arousal, responds by making cleavage bigger

Celeb gossip! Justin Timberlake named in sex harassment suit; Hollywood stars are involved in prostitution, Sex and the City may have sucked, but Cynthia Nixon is definitely engaged to her partner

10 things you must tell your primary physician, including vaginal pain: something most women don’t mention

Testimony from an ex-masturbator. What do you think about the movement to stop self-pleasure?

Review of an over-the-tongue vibrator

Finally! Obama puts a stop to hemorrhaging money towards useless abstinence-only education. Live in PA and want to support sexuality education? Click here and tell your representatives.

One of my heroes mentions my presentation (references to Yiff and vore) on obscure internet sex subcultures in her blog.

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