Friday Sex Links!

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How to get your wife to bang you more often

Queen Latifah talks about surviving sexual abuse

Discussion on whether a one-time encounter with the same-sex makes you “gay” and the double standard of female heteroflexibility and rigid male orientation

Celeb news: Usher files for divorce and Naomi Wolf expounds on why women want to be Angelina

Just jokes: what various races look for in a partner

Holy snap: a Mona Lisa-like nude painting by DaVinci found

Transgender people in Laos getting more recognition from government

Little kids accidentally shown porn instead of Jonas Brothers in school. Oops.

The crazies at the anti-David Letterman rally. He said some joke about Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin went nuts. These people were apparently already nuts.

World’s Naked Bike Ride raises awareness about bikes as transportation, also are rife for lots of NSFW pics of nude people

A woman makes up a hoax blog about being pregnant with a terminally ill fetus to further anti-abortion cause, ends up enraging the people who had followed her

Bizarre and awesome bras

1 in 4 South African men in survey admitted having raped someone, half admitted attacking

Like I’ve always said, Twilight is toxic for young girls.

What if it was the law that condoms had to be in porn? Probably because of this news.

Be careful with your sex games, kiddos.

Interview about submissives and urethral sounds

Eating more fruits and veg can increase sperm counts

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