Friday Sex Links!

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Abortion conversation between Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee– funny how all of his points are anecdotal and relate directly to him

Breastfeeding makes kids smarter

Please, please don’t be true, Morgan Freeman.

Fantastic article on the re-branding of abstinence only sex ed. Just because inaccuracy and shame are not working, let’s not turn things over to science

In honor of father’s day last week- read about being a teen dad

Wacky tales of debauchery and Cirque du Soleil

Think you got what it takes? Air sex (like air guitar) competitions nationwide. Link includes video.

Overview of the same-sex marriage debate in flowchart form

Saudi women allowed to work… selling bras

Weird Nebraska crime, courtesy my cousin

Petition to stop SEPTA’s gender tags on transportation passes. This affects real people every day.

Damnit, even Canadian politicians are creeps

Teenagers having just as much sex, using less protection than a few years ago

How do you teach kids with HIV how to prevent spreading it? Meanwhile, highest infection rates are among male youth, especially African American boys and most upsettingly, most of them had assumed they were negative when they tested. As a reminder: use condoms…. Even condom pillows

I’ve mentioned this exhibit before- corpses in sexual poses. Here is a skinned body in reverse cowgirl.

Gay Pride parade in World of Warcraft

Scandalous Burger King blow job ad

Does the idea of “love at first sight” ruin relationships?

Can we figure out the source of sexual orientation by looking at the animal world?

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