Friday Sex Links!

Marriage in the modern day: actually doing quite well

Top moments from furry conventions

Breakthrough in lab-made sperm

Horrifying Dutch ad mixes sex and violence to protect fish

Weird Taiwanese safer sex ad

A disabled woman talks about what dating is like for her

Woman can allegedly lift over 30 pounds with her vaginal muscles. Here is video.

A diamond is….. until divorce? Someone editorializes on an engagement ring ad

Elderly man wants to die mid-sex, ends up croaking just before, after paying prostitute

It’s hard being on the side of a convicted child molester, but this case may affect all of our freedoms

Talk about changing your tune: an ex-gay transgender prostitute-turned minister warns young people against kissing and cuddling

New book by a physiologist on the whys and hows of sex

Gay sex now legal in India- 127th country to decriminalize it.

Keeping even small secrets from your partner can turn a relationship toxic- definitely true if you’re harboring a big secret

Even though both parties have sex scandals, the hypocrisy of Republican leaders who have affairs may be a blessing for gay marriage advocates. Here’s what Obama’s doing for LGBT causes.

I still can’t get over the fact foxnews has an AASECT certified sexpert- here is her advice on outercourse

Expensive UK government program inadvertently introduces at-risk girls to promiscuous teens, encouraging more sex and doubling pregnancy rate

Keys to great sex are being present, in-synch, intimate and uninhibited

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s interview about his soul-mate mistress, his marriage, his other dalliances and his plan for the future

That’s a hell of a claim for an article title: We’re all intersex

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