Friday Sex Links!

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oral-sex-light.thumbnail mcs

Penis accidents

Worst plastic surgeries in the porn industry

Condom packaging that preaches

Bride to be discovers her fiancé is a porn star. This warrants conversation about knowing your partner, being honest and really meaning it when you say you’re going to love someone no matter what

The sex life of Lord Byron

Former President Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist church due to its unfair treatment of women. Best former President ever.

While it does nothing for protecting you from sexually transmitted infections, withdrawal is a pretty damn effective method of contraception and recent research has confirmed it.

Inadvertent hilarity from amazon.com

Obscure dating sites

Happiest video I’ve ever seen in all my days. Anyone who doesn’t like this doesn’t like life.

Strike a victory for bigotry- transitioning teacher retires due to difficulties

The Ask Men survey has some reasons to be concerned.

Obama’s pick for Surgeon General is pro-choice.

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