Friday Sex Links

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Not even a surprise anymore: another anti-gay “conservative” legislator in sex scandal

Top 5 reasons kids drop out of high school includes becoming a parent

Transgender mayor gets in trouble for wearing provocative dress to a meeting

How old is too old to be a new mom?

The difficult relationship between wives and mothers-in-law

Debunking myths about the male body

Uganda to outlaw female circumcision

Duh alert: sex goes back up amongst couples after their kids leave home

Women, are you watching more porn?

Women are getting more and more out of men’s league in terms of attractiveness.

Great segment on CNN about transgender issues– fascinating talk with Alexis Arquette, my good friend Ryan Sallans, Isis King of America’s Next Top Model and others

Polish priest offers Catholic couples a book all about sex tips

The IUD: oft-ignored great option for contraception

Are these new reality TV shows featuring heavy main characters exploitative?

Tragic tale of an 8 year Liberian immigrant girl gang raped and then shunned by her family for having shamed them.

Solid advice for inexperienced men from the maestro, Dan Savage

HIV rates among gay men in Chicago dangerously high

Ten tips for successful gay dating– helpful advice for anyone

Op-Ed: abortions should be government funded.

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