Friday Sex Links

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long distance heart

Latest in LGBT news: Some therapists treat gay and lesbian clients by suggesting they turn to celibacy– is this a middle ground or insidious? Online high school for LGBT students who feel unsafe; Yay! Gay Day at Six Flags!

Hey condom haters- here’s a possible option: a molecular HIV-blocking gel in development

Stop molesting the mascots

If you haven’t already seen this: the funny story of the guy who goes to Europe for 2 weeks and his girlfriend doesn’t realize it…

Another possible solution for those of you in long-distance relationships

Latest in sexism: Half of Americans think it should be legally required for a woman to take her husband’s last name; a woman realizes her own sexism when her husband transitions to being a woman; Michael Eric Dyson extols Black men to get over the way they think about women

Angels or savages? A new book on reasons NOT to have kids

Stupid sex laws screw over Americans every day

Why are people so afraid of bisexuals?

My favorite subject: weird fetishes that don’t actually involve sex

Supermodels from the mid 90s without their makeup… unexpected

Discussion of various sex positions and their benefits

Yo, Asian men! Stop messing around on your women and exposing them to HIV.

Couple should attend pre-marital sex counseling…maybe

Ever yawn right before sex? It might be a good sign, actually

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