Eros Coaching with Martha Lee

Eros Coaching: Do You Know Your Sexual Rights?

Martha Lee- Sex with Timaree

Do you know your sexual rights?

Did you know that sexual rights are universal human rights based on the inherent freedom, dignity and equality of all human beings. Because health is a fundamental human right, so sexual health is a basic human right.

I have abbreviated these rights as stated by World Association for Sexual Health:

• The right to sexual freedom
• The right to sexual autonomy, sexual intergrity and safety fo the sexual body
• The right to sexual privacy
• The right to sexual pleasure
• The right to emotional sexual expression
• The right to sexually associate freely
• The right to make free and responsible reproductive choices
• The right to sexual information based upon scientific inquiry
• The right to comprehensive sexuality education
• The right to sexual healthcare

In addition, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality states that these are their identified sexual rights.

Your sexuality is an integral part of your personality and your sexual satisfaction is a basic human need. Full development of sexuality is vital for individual, interpersonal, and societal well-being.

Besides being an intellectual, emotional and physical human, you are also a sexual being with sexual rights.

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