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Cougar Habitat sex with timaree

The ultimate in men’s sex toys just got better?

Yep, you really are stupider in the face of a pretty female

Boys might be able to get the HPV vaccine too!

Uteruses may be “remarkably flexible,” but they’re still not clown cars, Michelle Duggar.

Hipster music and inadvertent social commentary on gender roles

Always amazing sex writer Audacia Ray heads to India for a cultural exchange to learn about sex workers on the other side of the globe

Bet your workplace safety regulations are less condom-oriented

Controversial, sexy and scary new “AIDS is a Mass Murderer” Campaign. Did you know every 15 seconds someone dies of the disease? Yet public interest has declined over the years.

It wouldn’t be right if a week passed without a Republican sex scandal.

To save Christianity, this professor suggests kids marry right out of high school. And a pastor says God wants us to celebrate sexuality and says so in the Bible.

Women, think men look at your chest first and your face later? You’re right.

Teen lobbies for sex ed. What’d YOU do in high school?

Parents overestimate their influence on kids’ sex knowledge.

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