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kids' bracelet sex with timareeImage Via

Cop gets away with animal cruelty because bestiality not considered “torment.”

Obama gives a shout out to same-sex parents.

Hey idiot, dumbbells aren’t gonna make THAT muscle bigger. Also: don’t masturbate while driving.

Evidently you can get pregnant while you’re already pregnant.

MTV still plays videos? Well, it won’t play these.

Kudos to JJG for finding this discussion on educated Black women and marriage rates.

Pachucas: women in zoot suits!

32 years later: Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland for drugging and raping 13 year old girl

Health risks of the most popular birth control methods in the US

Into older men like George Clooney and Anderson Cooper? Check out this gallery of silver foxes.

Looking for a political scandal du jour? Try these pics of East Cleveland’s mayor, cross dressing.

Definitely not a kids’ bracelet.

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