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phallosaur sex with timaree

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Uhhh, ok. Weirder things have been cross-stitched, I’m sure. Also: underwear for left-handed men

It’s harder to screw up your kids than you think.

Age of consent laws around the world. Although it’s also illegal to train your young teen daughter to be a dominatrix. Don’t have sex with kids in Poland, unless you want to be castrated.

No more getting it on while your dorm mate is in the room, Tufts University students. Beware sketchy University professors though, who might encourage fellow instructors to fantasize about your curves while banging their wives.

Does your brain think like a man or a woman? Take this test.

I’m not sure why the Mariners are so anti- strip club. Incredibly revealing and intense interview with three strip club dancers.

A sex advice column for keeping the ethics in your sexual behavior.

The basics of buying lube.

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