Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

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pattison panties sex with timareeWhy some men can control sexual arousal and others can’t.

The majority of people in Brunei think a man who cheats on his wife should be beaten.

Why it’s harder to date in the big city

How women’s food choices are affected by the men around them.

Another reason to look askance at the Disney Princesses and Princes and the messages they teach.

Can fashion and fat co-exist?

Restless Vagina Syndrome– musings on how Big Pharma wants you to think your vagina needs fixing.

What the IOC plans to do about cases where athletes have ambiguous gender.

Sperm itself carries HIV, not just the seminal fluid, as previously thought

Turns out girls who get the HPV vaccine are actually MORE cautious about sex

Another reason to hate insurance companies: woman denied coverage because treatment after rape indicated a “pre-existing condition”

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