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Friday Sex Links!

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bible quote sex with timaree

Amazing merger of art, science and pornography.

Afghani teens forced into marriage with abusive husbands and in-laws turn to burning themselves to escape.

Now that science and reason is starting to overpower ideology, what is the future of the abstinence-only movement?

Men with larger foreskins at greater risk for HIV infection?

Sex can cause amnesia?

Kids kill the sex lives of same-sex parents the same as hetero ones.

Fruit bats and fellatio– a study performed by my former roommate’s ex, just so you know.

Common knowledge confirmed by science: Lose the gut and get laid more often. Unless you’re a young girl, then you’re more likely to get it on if you’re overweight.

What?? 11 year old girl gives birth on wedding day.

Married couples who get chores done get more sex in as well.

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