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Friday Sex Links

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good party sex with timareeDid Neanderthals have sex with modern humans?

The surprisingly pro-woman result of the lesbian Batwoman cartoon series. Thanks to Ben for the tip!

Bizarre case of conservativism? Student gets harassed by mob and expelled for wearing too short of a skirt

What do you do with the placenta after a baby is born? How about make a teddy bear? Thanks to Melanie for the tip!

15 and Counting, an organization dedicated to ensuring universal sexual and reproductive health for young people, has a new awesome music competition.

What do you think about these controversial and intense anti-pedophilia ads?

Philly mayor invites, then ignores LGBTs at press conference about upcoming census.

Shocker! CDC report finds that comprehensive sex ed is effective. Which is important because AIDS is now the leading cause of death of women in the world and lack of sex ed is a major reason.

A study in which I participated confirms that women like using lube.

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