Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Maybe he got the idea from the movie Role Models: Tiger Woods and Ambien sex. The first mistress, Rachel Uchitel, gives her side of the story.

In response to the controversy around people having sex in public, San Francisco officials have suggested “sex tents.”

In HIV news….Unfair: protests against ban on gay men’s blood donations. Horrifying: HIV positive man injects wife with his infected blood as she sleeps so she won’t leave him. Hope: Is mass circumcision a good idea? Uplifting: help raise funds for a camp for kids with HIV with one click.

International news….“Six Meter Long Schlong” becomes center of political battle in Germany. Chinese government opens gay bar.

One woman’s fascinating tale about what having a baby can do to your sex life. What depression can do to your sex life. And things learned after 4 year of unintentional celibacy.

More insights into asexuality, the 4th orientation.

The latest hypocritical Republican: calls gay sex “deviate” but chokes and beats his girlfriend mid-coitus.
Rachel Maddow owns a guest who claims he can treat homosexuality.

Can they do that? Rights group renames the female hymen.

In media….Douchebags are reaching maximum saturation. The realities of teens and sexting

10 reasons to use condoms you may not have heard of yet!

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