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Friday Sex Links!

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Yay! DC votes to allow same-sex marriage! Uganda bans female circumcision! Now, if only they’d stop trying to execute gay men.

Go green and support prostitutes? Actually the best climate control is population control.

Hilarious video about a world where women are as horny and objectifying as men; and an 80s-era instructional video on how to talk to men. At least it’s better than these tips for single ladies from 1938.

Straight woman auctions off freedom to get married on EBay to support LGBT organizations.

The mating rituals of Jersey Shore. And MTV’s ambivalence on violence against women: the Snooki punch.

The latest report on 20somethings and their knowledge of contraception. It’s scary.

Oh that rascally Lindsay Lohan: doing NSFW photo shoots again

Archeology reveals people didn’t use to be so uptight about sex
“Keep quiet and let them finish,” a mother reported tells her daughter as she is gang raped in what is probably the most upsetting thing you’ll read all day. On that line of thought…Why calling girls sluts is even worse than you thought.

Doing naughty things and don’t want Aunt Ethel to find out? How to protect your privacy on the Book of Face.

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