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Friday Sex Links!

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The differences between what makes a good boy/girlfriend and what makes a good spouse

Internet dating is even more successful than we thought it’d be. Here’s a breakdown of what your profile pic should and should not include.

The differing reactions we have to transmen and transwomen.

Who are the hottest Disney men?

You better know your cougar vocabulary

Police shut down what would have been China’s first gay pageant. Mauritanian Muslim leaders ban female genital mutilation! Singapore nightclubs are just now learning about tasteless marketing

Sexpert Jamye Waxman interviews Porn Stars and Exhibitors at AVN/AEE 2010

59 year old gets in-vitro fertilization. Cause there weren’t, like, any babies to adopt or anything. BTW: IVF fetuses like to be rocked.

Looking for a wedding dress you can eat?

Cartoons of 69 love songs.

How do the varying Health Care reform bills approach abortion?

What’s the IOC going to do about athletes who are intersex?

A rant about how women need to be more self-aggrandizing jerks. Instead, they shrink when they think men are watching.

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