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Eros Coaching: Clitorial versus vaginal orgasm

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Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm

During intercourse, it is the outer third of the vagina that is most stimulated. Some women are able to orgasm through this vaginal penetration. That is, vaginal orgasm — without clitoral stimulation.

However research has shown that (Shere Hite’s 1976 survey of 3000 women) only 30% of women can achieve orgasm through intercourse. The clitoris, with over 6,000 nerve endings, is more sensitive than the vagina. As such a clitoral orgasm rather than a vaginal orgasm is more likely.

For a woman’s orgasm, her body’s response is the same whether or not stimulation originates from the clitoris or the vagina. An orgasm is an orgasm whether by vaginal or clitoral stimulation. In the large majority of women the position for intercourse and the way in which the clitoris is being stimulated through intercourse is not conducive to orgasm and there is no way that intercourse alone can produce an orgasm.

As such any assumption that it is duration of intercourse or penetrative sex that gives a woman mind blowing orgasms is inaccurate. Instead it is going to be in the man’s ability to relax and not rush the moment instead focusing on lots and lots of foreplay. Sexual foreplay allows a woman’s body and mind to become prepared for the amount of sexual bliss that will soon arrive. Hence we should emphasize foreplay and not downplay its importance.

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3 thoughts on “Eros Coaching: Clitorial versus vaginal orgasm

  1. The Vagina orgasm has been outmoded as a myth. Look at the work of neurobiologist and neuroscientist. Women enjoy sex where there is a pleasurable sensation, just like men and all the arousal products on the market to enhance tactile sensation. There are nerve endings in the upper vagina and the cervix. Some women have a very innervated cervix; thus, having more intense orgasms than clitoral orgasms. Not all women have this. How does a woman determine if she has an innervated cervix, if she orgasms when her cervix is bumped when she is arroused, and the more orgasms she has when she has deep penetration. It is not the G-Spot. Also, women who have this innervation should not have a gyncological procedure with a LEEP conization or hysterectomy since the cervix is part of the uterus, sometimes this is referred to as an uterine orgasm. If a woman has a gynecological surgurical procedure, she runs the risk of having sexual dysfunction and pain the rest of her life from sensitive cut nerve endings. So know your bodies, not all women are the same; even though, gynecologist and psychologist think women orgasm by stimulation of the clitors and G-Sot, not so. until people are educated, many women will be sexually multiated. So women know your bodies and your sensitivity. Some cervixes are more sensitve than the clitors.

  2. Yes, a woman can have an orgasm without her clitoris being stimulated, the advantage of women who have innervated an innervaed cervix. Read Karen Berkley, Neuroscientist and Dr. J.J. Collins, Neuroscientist about the innervation of the female pelvic area. Women who have their cervix removed cannot have a deep orgasm. Many women also have a higher androgen level than others or more testosterone that is what gives the drive so with these women it does not take as much foreplay as other women. A woman with a high testosterone or androgen level and a high sensitivity in the vagina, clitoris and cervix like sex as good as the next man or better because they are capable of having multiple orgasms; whereas, most men cannot. So stop perpetuating a myth. Many women have been injured and been sexually mutilated by this myth as using the women you discuss as a baseline. Lets education women that each one is not the same as the other, and get to know their bodies.

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