Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Yay! We get healthcare! But women’s rights got thrown under the bus.

Lady Gaga wants you to know she doesn’t have a penis. State by state rankings by penis size

Hottest redheads.

Why do so many women in Afghanistan die during childbirth?

Irony and Feminism: Feminist anthems that actually hate women. Plus size models make women feel bad about themselves too.

Tiger Woods’ 16th mistress comes forward, Jesse James’ second one does too

Genius: “Skinny jeans ruined my privates!”

Lesbian teen’s rights violated but prom cancellation was ok, says court.

Loud sex is reason enough to search your home. Boulder, CO, has complicated rules about pubic nudity.

Facts about vaginas, including names for them around the world.

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. [ Editor Note: Cliff, some of your views have been deleted from your comment. You have been making comments which attack authors and other people directly. PFC would like to advise you to not to folow such behaviour in future. Please follow the PFC’s comment policy and focus your attenion on the subject]@Anurag KashyapYou might be right about the fact that good movies made in India dont get as much exposure as the Big Blockbusters do.., you say your movies dont get enough exposure and thats why there is no recognision. , your movies are not saleablesimple as that! You cater to a niche audience dude, the masses really dont give a stained mattress in the field about techinical brilliance, non linear storytelling, and all the gimmicks. They want entertainment, your films fall short on that count. accept it, move on. If you have tasted success with Dev D, thank Amit Trivediwithout Emotional Attyachaar that was another dud too! I love ur moviesIve gone as far as travellin to bombay just to watch your movies. But you have to come to terms with one thing, you are no messiahu r not saving the worldand you are definitely not a profitable film maker. Ur good, but dont let that get into your head.

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