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Friday Sex Links!

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that's what she said

25 great examples of unintentional porn. What does a lesbian sex magazine look like? Librarian sex survey finally unveiled after years of being kept under wraps.

Brazilian health minister recommends more sex and dancing. China lifts ban on visitors with HIV/AIDS. Iran to bust women for having suntans.

Have a friend who’s really into clowns? Get them this vibrator. Meth-head’s vibrator incites bomb fears.

Most influential women in pop culture. Models without makeup: they look like aliens.

Worst ever marriage proposal. Grandmother and grandson having child together.

10 year old rape victim forced to carry pregnancy to term. Oklahoma legislature decides to be everyone’s dad by enacting strict anti-choice abortion laws.

Why would women pay for sex? 8 reasons marriage doesn’t matter.

Attack against lesbian teen on National Day of Silence leads to attempted murder, but police say it’s junk “a prank.”

Learning about the brain through orgasms donated to science. Cancer survivors wonder if they didn’t need to lose their prostates.

Porn star helps set innocent man free. Were SEC staffers checking out porn when they should have been policing Wall Street?

The Supreme Court case that puts Scalia on the same side as gay marriage activists.

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels break up. L

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