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So What Do Ya’ll Think: Sex Offenders Edition

The Supreme Court recently ruled that sexual offenders who are still deemed “sexually dangerous” can be continually held after their prison sentence is completed. This is intended to pretend serial offenders who are unable to be treated or who have no interest in rehabilitation don’t recidivate after release. But it ignores the principal that a person can pay their debt to society and move forward with their lives after a criminal conviction.

Are the type of criminals who commit sexual offenses a different breed than those who comm it other crimes (even violent ones)? Are they less able to be treated or more likely to go back to victimizing the innocent? What do ya’ll think?

Court: Sexually dangerous can be kept in prison

By JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press Writer Mon May 17, 12:28 pm ET

Court upholds federal power to detain sex offenders indefinitelyWASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that federal officials can indefinitely hold inmates considered “sexually dangerous” after their prison terms are complete.

The high court in a 7-2 judgment reversed a lower court decision that said Congress overstepped its authority in allowing indefinite detentions of considered “sexually dangerous.”

“The statute is a ‘necessary and proper’ means of exercising the federal authority that permits Congress to create federal criminal laws, to punish their violation, to imprison violators, to provide appropriately for those imprisoned and to maintain the security of those who are not imprisoned but who may be affected by the federal imprisonment of others,” said Justice Stephen Breyer, writing the majority opinion.

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