Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Privates: reproductive health game for teenagers that takes place in vaginas, anuses and mouths.

Funny sex ed posters. All right, who stole King Tut’s weiner?

10 stories of first-time sex. Dirtiest moments in game show history. There’s no sex in space.

G8 leaders naked and pregnant? Taiwanese computer-generated reproduction of sex allegations against Al Gore.

New vaginal ring that prevents HIV? Male birth control pill shows promise in early tests.

Sex advice from juggalos. How NOT to hit on a guy. High school sweethearts marry 68 years later.

The brutal reality of prison rape. Racing boss dies after S&M session.

You think you have a psycho ex? Not compared to these crazy bitches.

Is lack of sex the number one health problem in America? Do love and sex naturally go together?

Most beautiful plus-sized women in the world. Dove Real Beauty ad campaign doesn’t want you to be “too curvy,” “too athletic,” scarred or otherwise non-“flawless.”

Are you driving a chick car? Lady Gaga in drag.

In honor of gay pride festivities, the Space Needle gets FABULOUS!

Super cool lesbian weddings. Iceland’s Prime Minster wed her longtime partner.

Douchenozzle Australian senator thinks women will get pregnant and have abortions just to get paid leave from work. Supreme Court rules Christian school group can’t discriminate against gay students. Former homophobes say “sorry” at gay pride parade.

.xxx gets approved for sex websites. Video sex services available for Iphone 4.

The frequency with which we masturbate makes humans special. Smartest porn stars.

Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs gay marriage ban

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