Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Is Twilight breaking up marriages?

Acupuncturist claims she can tell if a man is a virgin, gets convicted rapists freed.

Google doing more for same-sex partners. Federal gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

Parents hate parenting. Avoiding post-partum blues by deciding your best is good enough.

Atibodies discovered that neutralize most HIV strains?

How women keep each other down through calling other s “sluts.”

People are easily offended: banned ads. This risqué organ donation ad is kinda awesome.

Forget to treat your girl well on VDay or your baby mama well on Mother’s Day? Ashley Madison (dating site for married people) sees huge jump in female membership day after those holidays.

International laws on baby-naming, including provisions that gender must be obvious. Caster Semenya, the controversial South African track star, allowed to compete as a woman.

Menstruation machine shows men what it’s like to be on the rag. enough said.

Nerd’s guide to dating. Funniest personal ads.

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