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Are Humans Naturally Monogamous: Podcast!

Ladies and Gents,

Enjoy yourselves a spot of podcast. I answer the question, “are humans naturally monogamous?” and discuss the new book “Sex at Dawn.” To read more about this topic click here.

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3 thoughts on “Are Humans Naturally Monogamous: Podcast!

  1. Interesting, though I’m more than a bit dubious of this “evolutionary psychology” stuff. What exactly does one use as evidence for hypothesis testing in this field?

  2. evolutionary psychology is a field based on looking at evidence from the past and forming theories based on it, with the assumption that what was evolutionarily adaptive for ancestors (allowed them to survive long enough to procreate) will still be in our genes and behavior today.

    because it is looking at the past, there is no way to have a true experimental design: no way to control variables and have both control and experimental conditions. however, we can perform true experiments on current behavior and genetics to ascertain that they currently exist and find evidence that they existed previously as well.

    the really sketchy part is when we get to making assertions about cause and reason. and that’s kind of what this whole podcast is about: simply because something WAS, does that mean that’s how it should be or what is most effective for us or what we should model after in our new, different living conditions? one evolutionary psychologist may see iron as the key: women need iron to survive but have a harder time acquiring meat while pregnant or nursing, so humans formed pairbonds so that the man would acquire meat for the women during this time, assuring the survival of their offspring. other researchers find entirely different explanations. and there’s no real true way to prove any of it, only to compile the largest, most compelling evidence.

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