Sex Links


Joe Biden’s dating advice. New meme: Jaime Pressley does stuff naked.

What sexual boundaries did we believe in 2010?

7 craziest sexual arousal tests.

10 dating commandments for guys and for girls.

Underwear with built-in penis. Chastity belts for guys.

Porn for the blind.

C’mon, you’re SUPPOSED to break up: High school sweethearts stay together via video sex chat.

Gay marriage isn’t revolutionary, it’s the obvious next step in evolution of marriage.

Crazily viral article of the week: women’s tears turn men off. Oxytocin, the hormone of love and bonding, has its limits.

“parent one” and “parent two” to replace “mother” and “father” on passport applications.

Touching makes you healthier! Feed your skin hunger!

1 in 10 “abstinent” teens has an STI.

Mixed-sex handshakes banned in Somali region. Is strict Chinese parenting better?

Sex lives of atheist versus religious college students surprisingly similar.

Celebrity deformities: including a porn star with only 2 toes on one foot and stars with extra nipples.

Pretty sure I said this before: to your brain, music is as good as sex.

Timing matters: spacing between pregnancies affects autism risk.

Taiwan to decriminalize sex trade.

Your new spa regimen? Vaginal steam bath.

For your examination: “Indisputable abortion facts

Why being unique-looking is better: the mathematics of attractiveness and attention from suitors.

What it is to be a man in society now?

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