Sex Links

FRIDAY! Sex Links!

Reason #45 why Gwyneth Paltrow sucks: her advice to busy moms like her.

How to avoid the friendzone.

Did women evolve to protect themselves from rape? Shout out to Christos!

What pro-lifers and pro-choicers can learn from the recent Princeton conference on abortion.

Controversy caused by Chinese parenting story continues.

Playboy channel shifts towards “higher-quality, female-friendly slate of reality shows.”

Baldness treatment may cause irrevocable sexual side effects.

Snap: good looking people are smarter?

Making monogamous sex dirty. You can’t treat your sex life with “benign neglect” or crises result.

ScarleTeen’s Find-a-Doc guides you to all sorts of professional advice on sexual health issues.

Wanna share an embarrassing sexual story?

Field trip! Ottawa’s Sexapalooza!

Iran bans Valentine’s Day; here are other things banned there.

Sex toys should not be used as floatation devices.

Further proof you should spend the first two years of college getting laid.

Jared Loughner, alleged Tucson shooter: motivated by sexism and misogyny?

Why do some women stray and some stay?

Young adults’ relationships increasingly favor men: sex earlier and with less commitments.

10 celebs on the surrogate baby boom.

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