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Losing It: an intro to sex for virgins

While teen sex comedies have decided that 17 is the appropriate age for gaining membership in the Fucking Club, that’s not always how it goes down for everyone. There are those who race in to sex early, like shoppers at a small-town grocery store grand opening. And there are those who hang out in the lobby looking at posters, drinking soda and contemplating the irreducible complexities of life, like how much Nutella is safe to eat in one sitting, and then eventually make their way to the sex. Nothing is wrong with either path. But for all those  looking to cross the line- however you may define first time sex- here are some basic tips.

And for those who’ve been doing the deed for a hot minute, take a listen cause it just might learn ya something. The worst lovers are not the inexperienced, it’s the cocky who have stopped learning.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Comments about your first time and what you wish you could have told virgin you ahead of time.

Check out the podcast here.Losing It! Podcast

You can also head to iTunes and search “timaree” and even subscribe to the podcasts to get them even earlier!

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com See more at http://sexwithtimaree.com

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