Sex Links


February 13th to be Break Up with Your Ex Day– close the door for good.

Love is all the same to the brain, regardless of orientation.

On crushing on sluts.

Snowpocalypse 2011: Make your own emergency porn kit.

Female Peace Corps volunteers come forward about being raped, having the organization cover up the assaults.

5 possible explanations why your roommate has Magnum condoms.

Sexy bucket list.

Why porn stars hate facebook. The geek kings of smut who own nearly all online porn.

File under columns I wrote repeatedly already: stupid myths about bisexuals

Bishops warn: don’t get too into blow jobs; they’re not what god intended.

How many dates do you have to go on until you find The One?

In a relationship? Ditch the sweatpants.

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Piven. Well, why not?

Found the right one, but there’s a man attached? Make your own dildo!

Sexual growth industries in the midst of a recession.

Gays seeking asylum in US face bigger hurdles. Same-sex marriage ban in France is ruled constitutional. Illinois makes same-sex civil unions legal.

Half of dudes say if their girl cheats with another girl, it doesn’t count as cheating.

Oscar curse finds empirical backing.

On first love: A gay Christian looks back.

Gotta give people a chance to be cool: lesbian teen homecoming royalty enter to cheers.

Attempts to simply end prostitution by locking up sex workers isn’t working, is costing millions.

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