Sex Links


Obama is done with any legislation that would deny same-sex marriage rights. Hawaii signs same-sex civil unions into law.

Rep. Jackie Speier speaks out for women who’ve had abortions in the midst of a debate to strip Planned Parenthood of funding. Why men must speak out about abortion.

Hipster strip bar opens in NYC

Can frequent sex save your relationship?

Egyptian women face more sexual harassment.

First gay beer?

Recutting a YouTube video to imply bad things happened to kids (but not actually doing anything) gets singer charged with felony.

Facebook adds more relationship options to include civil unions and domestic partnerships. Breakup notifier on facebook lets you know when your crush becomes single again. Facebook is not a fan.

Business profile of Ashley Madison, the website created to help people cheat on their partners. I’ve written about them before. Which smart phone is most likely to get you busted for cheating?

Mistakes men make in divorce courtSex Scandals of former Presidents.

Boys now suggested to get HPV vaccine to reduce rates of oral cancer. Cause it wasn’t enough that they spread it to women who would get cervical cancer. Oral cancer is caused more often by HPV than tobacco?

Test your “sex smarts,” in 10 quick questions. Don’t feel bad if you don’t do well, it’s an online magazine.

Girl qualifies for Iowa state wrestling, home-school opponent refuses to face her on ethical grounds.

World’s largest polygynous family. This dude has 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren in a four story, 100-room house.

Playboy covers then and now.

Breakups are physically painful.

Sperm donation: more fun than giving blood.

Naked sledding competition.

Was The King’s Speech filmed on a gay porn set?

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