Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The tumultuous craziness that is puberty in a one minute animation.

A brutally candid history of breaking up. How to avoid a “Grey Divorce.” Happy teenage years make you more likely to divorce?

What every guy must do to become a real man. None of them are bad ideas for women, either.

Interracial marriage on the rise.

Rebecca Kiessling: born as a result of an sexual attack at knife point by a serial rapist, now anti-abortion speaker.

What does asexuality mean to you?

Model Amber Rose reveals her weight, doesn’t care if you think she’s fat. FatUglyorSlutty: girl gamers make a site that exposes the crappy sexism of gamer boys.

WombTube: women reveal their pregnancy tests in online videos before telling anyone else.

Celebs who are in open relationships.

Italian Prime Minister Burlusconi paid for sex with under-age girls at least 13 times, is facing trial.

National attention on the videotaped gang rape of an 11 year old tears Texas town apart as residents blame the girl and her family, and accusations fly about racist tones to the investigation. Florida lawmaker cites the girl’s clothing as reason for assault in debate about dress codes.

Cordless reciprocating saw: trade the blade for a dildo and you have a fucksaw.

Women in the World summit: celebrates courageous female contributions in a variety of spheres.

New meme: gender studies isopod.

Unprotected Texts: the Bible’s nuanced and conflicting views on marriage and sex. Kudos to Heather for the find!

Kidney transplant infects recipient with HIV.

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