Sex Links

Friday! Sex Links!

Word penis size map based on… not sure what.

New .XXX domain created for adult content, many porn companies plan to protest, cite the potential for filtering and censorship.

Facebook app promises to let you see through friends’ clothes to view underwear or bare skin.

Becoming visible: a photo project depicting homeless transgender teens. Transgender NY citizens sue to have birth certificates changed to reflect gender identity.

Half of women in survey would give up sex for a year to be thinner.

184 pedophiles arrested, hundreds of children rescued with breakup of largest online child sex abuse ring.

Gay panic” defense used again: young man beats elderly man to death with rocks, claims he was doing what the Bible says. Not coincidentally, the suspect is the sole beneficiary named in the victims’ will.

Fifteen great moments in sex. The surprise blessings of erectile dysfunction.

Ex-gay app for iPhone: hate group or freedom of expression? Apple pulls it.

Why women rule the internet.

If you like Sassy Gay Friend videos, then you maybe will possibly enjoy Disappointing Gay Best Friend.

New meme: dating site murderer.

Sex discrimination class action suit against Wal-Mart moves to Supreme Court, after 10 years.

Yes, sex can kill you. So get more exercise.

The majority of Catholics support same-sex unions, don’t think homosexuality is a sin. Bill introduced to allow same-sex civil unions in Delaware.

Fascinatingly insightful Reddit conversation on pedophilia, zoophilia and “being born that way.”

10 famous movie merkins. A merkin is a pubic wig, obviously. How much sex did Victorians actually have?

First gay Republican running for President of US.

Commercials that make men look stupid.

Ex-President of Israel sentenced to 7 years for rape.

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