Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Method of “washing” semen allows men with HIV to become fathers.

After getting laid the first time, dudes are more likely to see themselves as good looking, while women are more likely to be self-critical.

Dragon Age II game characters are omnisexual, prompting some homophobic players to ask for a non-homo version of the game.

No, not everyone is trans: reclaiming butch identity. Collagen Westwood, the bio female who surgically augments herself to look like a man in drag as a woman.

Can serotonin rates affect bisexuality? In mice it might, anyway.

How to make love to a transperson.

Find out what sexual things you and your partner are both open to by taking this survey.

Fratboy at USC has sex on rooftop, gets photographed and is big trouble…somehow this made news.

New tumblr: My High School Boyfriend was Gay

HIV vaccine trials to begin within a year.

Is Tina Fey good for women?

Why Prince William won’t wear a wedding band. Katie Holmes can’t say “penis.”

Indiana House considers abortion law that leaves exceptions only for cases of rape and incest.  Legislator argues this is a loophole and that women will lie about being raped to get abortions. Can’t trust those women, can ya?

Girls in China being taught  independence, resist sugar daddies.

Post-coital blues: women may feel sad after sex.

No panty line, no tan line: the CString is practically not even underwear.

Chicken spontaneously changes sex.

Prostitution in perspective.

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