Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Best of Craiglist: Just fucking fuck me already!

My first prostate exam. A safety sheet on lubes for rectal use.

93% of hetero white men won’t date Black women.

Why do news stories on abortion usually feature corresponding images of pregnant women in later trimesters when most abortions actually occur in the first trimester?

Vigilantes band together to protect NY sex workers.

Basics of clitoral stimulation.

A brief survey of blatantly vaginal and phallic art.

On “the male gaze” at the sex toy store. Woman sues strip club for charging female customers more.

Gaddafi’s regime given Viagra to help them use rape as a war tactic.

When scientists don’t understand sex: feminism, dominance and arousal.

Nerd bondage.

Hedgefunds managed by women only account for 3% of the total, but those funds outperform others by 55%.

Despite rapid growth, India still lets its girl die.

Jiz Lee: What is genderqueer?

Feds crack down on fake STI cures.

The romantic reasons a professor allows his students to text in class.

After 30 year engagement, 100 year old groom and 90 year old bride get hitched. The ancient Roma tradition of buying brides continues, with some shifts in recent years.

Top surgeon gets ousted for joke about semen. This guy got totally railroaded by “women’s groups” who do not represent the women I know.

Will 2016 bring marriage equality? Why distorted ideas of manliness are the real cause of homophobia.

How do you “reconcile” being a feminist and being a polyamorous kinkster?

Top 10 burlesque stars of all time.

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