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Interview with Yoshiaki Yamasaki, Exec. Director of Philly AIDS Consortium

Depending on your definition of “young person,” HIV and AIDS have been a reality for the entire lives of most young people. We grew up knowing the disease existed, and to a certain extent, we were all pretty informed about how it’s transmitted. What has changed dramatically, though, are the outcomes for people who are HIV positive. But despite our increased knowledge about  it, HIV still remains the plague of modern times and the NUMBER ONE cause of death for African American and Latina women 24-34 in Philadelphia.

Enter Yoshiaki Yamasaki, Executive Director of Philly AIDS Consortium. His work in the field of HIV prevention, education, counseling, testing and treatment is world-changing. Hear how he got into the field, why the hell people still are getting HIV in 2011 and what we can all do about it.

It doesn’t matter what you think your level of risk is, if you’re a person living in the world, this episode pertains to you. I promise.

And Philly people: there are huge events going on this week as part of Women’s Health Week you want to know about, including Friday’s free forum about HIV/STI prevention, partner violence, and mental and emotional health!

Dr. Timaree with Yoshiaki Yamasaki

SOOOOO! Check out the amazing interview here. And here. Or on iTunes.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Yoshiaki Yamasaki, Exec. Director of Philly AIDS Consortium

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