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Interview with Brian Bangs of

There is a whole sea of porn out there: some good, some bad, some vomit-inducing. But aside from being arousing one of the best attributes of porn is being hysterically funny. And making hysterically funny porn is what Brian Bangs of is all about. His job is basically coming up with crazy ideas with his friends and then casting hot people to have sex in films that he directs and edits. You’ve probably heard of them, or at least some of their products, including porn parodies of  Jersey Shore, the Revenge of the Nerds, The Big Lebowski  and, of course: PRON: the XXX Parody. I had a chance to sit down with this genius to discuss how he got into the industry, the weirdest things he hears from fans, his favorite stars to work with and the novel idea that someone might spend their workdays in sexuality and still be a totally normal dude. And then he totally asked me to be in his next movie….

Check out the interview here. Or here. Or on iTunes.

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