Dan Savage on Bisexuality

What do you think? Is he just repeating stereotypes? Does he have a point?

What about this? About how bisexuality is treated compared to homosexuality in the media:

And in this context, what do you think of this cute fan video of hot bi women in media?

One thought on “Dan Savage on Bisexuality

  1. I don’t think any of Dan’s facts are wrong, but I don’t think they make his case at all. How does your involvement with the community or the gender of your long-term partner effect your sexual identity? By his own argument, wouldn’t that make him “less” gay since he acknowledges his husband and himself have more in common with their straight friends? And just because Dan used bisexuality as a bridge to fully coming out doesn’t mean that phase applies to anyone else. He’s painting with a very broad brush here.

    I like Dan Savage a lot, but he has a tendency at times to make up his mind, and then back his facts into his opinion.

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