Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Dos and don’ts of interacting with same-sex parents.  This is gonna be super rudimentary for any regular readers.

Republicans say they want to reduce abortion so why are they doing the thing that is most likely to cause unwanted pregnancies and reducing access for low-income women to Planned Parenthood services?

Reversible male contraceptive almost available for US testing works instantly, lasts for 10 years.

First female editor of the NY Times, who coincidentally wrote an article back in 2006 called When Will We Stop Saying ‘First Woman to _____’?

Can male masturbators catch a break? An incredible article with a lot of great points.

Worst lies guys have told Frisky readers.

Ewan Mcgregor glad to keep doing nude scenes.

The devaluation of male submission.

6 wrong questions men love to ask about women.

Is binge drinking a feminist issue?

Clarisse Thorn on the basis of sex-positive feminism.

Internet meta-research reveals pretty much everyone is a freak.

5 Types of marriages? How marriage equality can save the Black family.

An interview with the first man CURED of HIV?

Beyond the Bris: the Jewish movement against  circumcision. The anti-circumcision movement is gaining ground in CA.

Italian Vogue puts 3 plus size models on cover, world does not end. The most successful Playboy Bunnies.

The world of Bondassage.

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