Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Federal judge blocks law that would have left Kansas with only one abortion clinic.

Compromise: How bout the government recognizes NOBODY’s marriage? Just civil unions.

Village Voice and Ashton Kutcher fight about sex work. Sex workers respond to celebrity white knights and hypocrisy and good campaigns against sex trafficking.

Sexual assault charges against former IMF head likely to be dropped, even as new alleges arise. Why this will discourage sex crime victims from coming forward.

What do men want from marriage? Founder of EHarmony says, on second thought, maybe don’t get married. Others disagree that the institution is dying.

Woman-centric Bridesmaids is Judd Apatow’s highest grossing film.

To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen busted in affair by sting.

Six awesome reasons you’re single.

Naomi Wolf asks, “is porn making men crazy?”

Bristol Palin doesn’t understand how date rape works.

Why you should never withhold sex from your partner as a power play.

Hot Fat porn stars

Appeals court orders end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

California passes bill to teach gay history.

Wanna win an in-vitro fertilization pregnancy?

Porn king withdraws offer to Casey Anthony.

“I don’t have a 28 day menstrual cycle and neither should you.” Thanks to Erica for the tip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The sleaziest mating rituals of the animal world.

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