Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The gender gap in the economic recovery.

7 birth control myths.

The things women do with their boobs that drive men crazy.

Fear of Flying author asks, “Is Sex passé?”

Judges volunteer to work on Sunday the 24th so they can be part of the first same-sex marriages in NY. Complications arise for same-sex couples as marriage is legalized by states but not federally.

What’s a “good” political spouse supposed to do in the face of infidelity?

I feel myself: a series of videos of real people masturbating.

Getting engaged? 10 reasons not to buy a diamond.

For the soon-to-be-moms: a reassuring list of obvious reasons you are capable of giving birth

Woman dies from allergic reaction after sex with dog; his owner is charged.

Dirtiest divorce tricks.

NY gay marriage may mean a boom in adoption

100 hottest porn stars right now.

Man tries to rob store, black belt-having owner overpowers him, keeps him as a sex slave for 3 days. The reactions from people are bizarre: since when is rape the right punishment for attempted robbery?

Slutwalk Philadelphia is on and they have a date: August 6th!

Romney and Pawlenty refuses to sign anti-marriage equality Pledge that more conservative candidates have signed.

Are gay and lesbian kids more likely to be gender non-conforming?

Why the books should have really been about Hermione Granger.

Milk’s weird new super-sexist ad campaign.

What bad sex ed has to do with rape.

The arbitrarily censorship of fisting by some hetero porn producers.

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