Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Hetero marriages are more satisfying when wife is thin? Obesity leads to increasing number of strokes among pregnant women.

Don’t forget pleasure when talking to kids about sex.

First same-sex weddings in NY. Now that gay couples can marry in some places, some parents are starting the “so when are you gonna settle down?” bit.

How can you tell if you’re asexual?

A series of questions: a photo project of inappropriate questions asked of trans people.

Bisexuality in hip hop.

What’s next for the women who were suing Walmart?

British lawmakers suggest making airbrushed ads carry a disclaimer , pull ads that are too airbrushed and want TV to feature more strong female characters.

Did the Norwegian terrorist attack because of he was upset at sluts?

Guys tell the story of their Aha! moment of sexual development.

The sunny side of smut.

The cognitive and neurobiological differences based on gender.

Add to the list of city food trucks: condom trucks.

Using social networking to curb sexual assault.

Women: what your sex life can indicate about your health.

Men and fetishes.

Despite governor’s veto, North Carolina infringes on abortion rights with new law.

Philly nonprofit creates novel HIV prevention campaign that emphasizes pleasure, not fear.

Increasing number of businesses won’t allow children.

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