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Qui Alexander Tells the Kiddos About Sex

Talking with Qui Alexander is, for me, like a pleasant summation of the best parts of grad school. There will be hilarity and indecency the likes of which will make your Grandmother very uncomfortable, but you better have your thesaurus and Foucault handy because the discussion will get real deep, real fast.

Qui is a community health educator for the Mazzoni Center, a job that roughly translates to teaching sexuality education to kids. In case you were wondering who was actually talking to young folks about safer sex, Qui is the best case scenario answer. He’s armed with the facts and not afraid to have honest, challenging dialogues with the kind of kids that a lot of the world fears and discards as lost causes.

He’s also one hell of an activist. Between Young, Trans and Unified, the Brown Boy Project and all the other work he does surrounding gender and social justice, his life and work merge into a productive and progressive tidal wave of good energy.  This is why he was recently asked to speak at the August 6th Philadelphia Slutwalk about sexual violence in the trans community. And if you haven’t heard me mention it enough: Slutwalk Philly August 6th.

Listen to this fun interview and learn a thing or a dozen about talking to kids about sex and the madcap world of gender.

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