Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Buddhist monk sex scandal complicated by lack of central leadership

Neuroscientists find the most innate desires of men and women

Man walks into hospital with stomach pains, turns out HE needs a hysterectomy. It should be noted that 1 in 100 births are somehow intersex. More information on intersexuality.

The downside to being good looking.

Emergence of openly trans performers. founder’s girlfriend left him for someone she met on

Health department to provide free birth control, but religious institutions can opt out.

When is a miscarriage a fluke and when is it a sign of a bigger issue?

Teaching young people how to break up appropriately.

Is monogamy like vegetarianism?

Research studies LGBT Mormons’ experience with the church.

Categories of movie poster cleavage and the best and worst of movie poster booty.

Sexual assault prevention tips guaranteed to work.

Students who use sugar daddies to pay college loan debt.

GLAAD ranks the most gay-friendly TV networks. Sao Paolo adds Heterosexual Pride Day. Portraits of people  who can’t get married.

Actresses who won Oscars for playing prostitutes.

Does having a kid keep you from splitting up?

Increase in runaway brides and broken engagements?

Myths about male sexuality: big feet, calories in semen, etc.

Lesbian couple save 40 people from massacre.

What factors predict whether or not you’ll cheat?

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