Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Men more ok with girlfriends cheating on them with women than men.

Women need a Ph.D. to make as much as a man with a Bachelors.

You can stream hardcore porn on Netflix? Can you get sued for downloading porn? If you were looking for a tumblr full of yaoi (gay hentai), here you go.

More gender equality=more sex. Different types of sluts. To reclaim “slut” or not: is that the question?

How the rainbow flag became a symbol for gay rights.

Is Newsweek sexist against Republican women? On the road with Hillary Clinton. First woman to obtain 10th dan in judo…did I mention she’s 98?

When your abuser gets married.

Virus that targets HIV? AIDS rising in Muslim countries, evidently due to men on the downl ow.

Depraved sex scenes from important cultural myths. Artist asks: What if male superheroes were posed the way female comic book heroes were posed?

The Scar Project: because breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. Man with breast cancer denied coverage because he is male.

penetrate” versus “engulf” and the power of language in sexuality. “why I want to fuck my boyfriend up the ass.”

Clitoris: god’s gift to women? Does all that internet porn make your sex last too long?

Abortion funds by state.

Images of the diversity of the sex industry.

Jason Jones of The Daily Show films his vasectomy.

Straw developed that can identify date rape drugs.

Planned Parenthood’s freakonomincs approach. NYC mandates sex education.

Bryce Dallas Howard opens up about post-natal depression.

Mark Zuckerberg engaged: clearly this calls for a discussion on what’s wrong with Asian women.

Where did pubic hair go?

APA unanimously supports same-sex marriage. Gay married couple loses 7 year immigration battle.

Thanks to Derwin, Dan and others for tips!

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