Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How to date someone you have already divorced.

Best blogs for gender studies majors.

Japan’s new booming film niche: elder porn

Latest stats on adolescent masturbation.

What the hell is femmephobia? What do they mean when they say “strong female characters” in a story? Gloria Steinem on Colbert Report. Plan to dope Hitler with estrogen was dropped by British.

Will we ever get tired of penis size jokes?

Gender differences in pronoun and other language use.

How your sense of self affects your sexual desire.

Why is sin synonymous with sex?

Can you tell the difference between lust and love?

Women are more likely to get pregnant when they ovulate from the left ovary. A large percentage of women have dreams predicting their miscarriages.

How do you figure out your league so you know which partners are out of your league?

Is Slut shaming a defense mechanism? Great: mean people make more money.

Humans receive less touch now than ever before.

1 in 4 South African men admits to having raped. Middle school girl reports rape, school doesn’t take claim seriously, makes her write apology to attacker. A year later, he rapes her again. Kablammo: lawsuit.

Social worker explains to the pro-life movement how to truly be pro-life.

The adultery poem.

400 words between fact and fucked up: the truth about disabled citizens and sex workers.

Orthodox rabbi helping lesbians marry gay men to keep with Jewish law.

Depictions of females in media getting more and more sexualized. Are body positive blogs actually doing anything to help or just perpetuating the need for women to get external validation?

Are we all connected? Facebook and yahoo test the “six degrees of separation” theory for reals.

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