Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Was oral sex always normal?

Meatal heads, take note: Slayer sells their own condoms.

One sexual assault survivor explains what the Slutwalk movement means for her. What is rape culture? Sexual terrorism, the rape schedule and street harassment.

Why do people resist the idea of bisexual men?

Porn production shuts down as star tests positive for HIV. How internet porn changes our brains.

The evolution of the mistess.

Steps for dealing with divorce/breakup.

Bizarre ancient forms of contraception. Woman fights back against new abortion laws.

chicks don't wanna hear it

Is it necessary for parents to be married for life to be stable for kids?

10 ways to overcome sexual insecurity

Brain scans do not real reveal what turns women on. Thoughts on the new movie Hysteria, about the history of vibrators as medical treatment.

Girl reminisces about the first time she fisted someone.

Consent, sex positivity and cultures of color after colonization.

Can a CEO’s face shape predict a  company’s likely success?

This Russian nightclub for kids makes me feel like I suddenly understand the Family Media Council.

Researchers can accurately predict someone’s sexual orientation by looking at their Facebook friends. What do you do when a one-night-stand tries to friend you?

The “adult industry” prepares for the upcoming Republican National Convention. Did you know that both adultery and cohabitation are still illegal in Florida?

Teacher’s porn star past revealed, but allowed to keep teaching.

UN peacekeepers traded food for sex with underage impoverished girls.

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